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We are a highly committed result-oriented group of professionals. We bring to each project a powerful combination of focused, deep technical and financial expertise in…

Funding Sourcing


We are part of a team of consortium who work explicitly on securing Financing from European Financiers, specifically focusing on the Sub Saharan and Southern Africa market. Our focus is on raising equity/debt capital for Government Agencies, Sub Saharan and the Southern Africa States and Institutional projects and advising on Public-Private partnerships opportunities in the technology and renewables space, Liquefied Natural Gas Projects, Infrastructure and Healthcare sectors.

Equity Raising


We have been highly successful in raising Equity for SMEs. We raise funding from Startup through to growth stages and beyond. We have extensive relationships with private equity houses, venture capitalists and high net worth individuals. This enables us to source equity in short timeframes and typically from sources which will be strategically beneficial in the longer term. We engage on equity raising projects when we believe strongly in the team, the product, the market opportunity and our ability to add real value beyond simply raising the funds.

Debt Financing


Our Debt Funding experience is extensive and ongoing. We have a strong track record of delivering challenging financing together with a unique knowledge and experience in delivering in challenging environment. We primarily focus on funding viable businesses, development projects and trading SMEs. We have a deep understanding and an extensive network into the various segments of the debt funding landscape.

Risk Management


Our team of expert are top notch, we have deep experience and expertise in advising on Risk Management:

  • Identify the major elements in managing project risk.
  • Mapping the processes for identifying project risk.
  • Describe the processes for evaluating risk.
  • Suggest actions for mitigating risk in the processes.

Public-Private Partnership


Our team have deep experience and expertise in advising on:

  • Make simple the challenges posed by complex infrastructure projects
  • Providing access to private capital
  • Seamless structuring of contractual obligations of all parties
  • Apportionment of tasks and risks fairly.

Independent Due Diligence


We have deep experience and expertise in advising on corporate transactions, with a specific focus on Management Buy Outs and strategic Acquisitions. Our professional training as Chartered Accountants combined with our commercial trading experience at senior levels ensures we combine strong technical skills with commercial acumen. Our ability to raise both debt and equity provide a complete solution for our Independent Due Diligence engagements.

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